June 08th-12th 2016 ˙ Habakuk, Maribor

WHO is participating in Blogomanija?

  • karlo_koenig Karlo König

    Karlo is a digital native passionate about new media platforms, public speaking and positioning King Kong Agency as the leading one in ExYu region. He is also a Snapchat ambassador and burger enthusiast.

  • milica_peric Milica Perić

    Among first local YouTubers to reach 100.000 subscribers. On her two channels, se records gameplays, reviews and gives advice to young girls. One of the founders of the Balkan Tube Fest. Multimedia student.

  • tatjana_jovanovic Tatjana Jovanović

    Master of marketing with years of experience in blogging. Through tutorials on the Mogu ja to sama portal, she advises girls and women how to look and feel better.

  • katarinadzale Katarina Dzale

    Fashion designer, trailblazer, businesswoman. The little girl who decided to turn fairy-tales into reality once she's grown up and give them a happy ending. She considers her client's smiles to be her greatest success.

  • mitja_bokun Mitja Bokun

    Mitja Bokun is a prolific artist, known for his portraits, commercial, cosmetics and fashion illustrations, and paintings of celebrities and personalities well-known in the fashion world and beyond. He has been commissioned to illustrate editorially for magazines, television shows and the world’s best known brands.

  • marija_zezelj Marija Žeželj

    One of the most influential female YouTubers and biggest "teenage" stars in the region. Makes DIY, lifestyle, beauty and fashion clips. Approaching 100.000 subscribers.

  • srdjan_sveljo Srđan Šveljo

    Longtime fashion editor, stylist, journalist and photographed. Collaborated with magazines such as JOY, Lepota&Zdravlje, CKM, L'Officiel...Since 2006, owner and editor of the website URBANLOOK. Editor of the ŠIK & ŠIZ show on Radio Novi Sad. Successful as a DJ under the pseudonym DJ Fanatik for the past 20 years. The mastermind behind the initiative Refresh Your Style and fashion show Heroes.

  • milan_inic_2 Milan Inić

    The mastermind behind the popular YouTube channel, Yasserstain. Student of the Novi Sad Academy of Arts. One of the region's biggest teenage stars.

  • vladana_veljkovic Vladana Veljković

    Kicked off her career in fashion industry as the assistant to fashion editors of Cosmopolitan and Jolie. One of the founders of PUFNICA.COM, as well as the fashion editor of In 2012 she started the “Sisters Code by SBC” fashion brand.

  • jana_dacovic Jana Dačović

    A seventeen-year-old girl dedicated to her YouTube channel with over 80.000 subscribers, to whom she gives fashion, beauty, life&style advice. She is soon to launch her own line of body lotions.

  • jelena_joksimovic Jelena Joksimović

    Editor of the Bosnia and Herzegovina edition of the "Ljepota&Zdravlje" magazine, 100 months and counting. Social media, which she is passionate about, are her second love, right next to print.

  • bata_spasojevic Bata Spasojević

    Over the course of the past 17 years, he's been making his INDIVIDUAL brand's name with style, form and unique design choices. Quality and persistence were proven through numerous awards. Next to fashion, he designs furniture and jewelry and, in his free time, he also paints.

  • ivana_dobrovoljec Ivana Dobrovoljec

    Student of multimedia at the Faculty of Graphics. Fashion is her way of life. Typography, photography and design complete her. Eternal dreamer, perfectionist, a person with clear goals and ambitions.

  • jelena_jovicic Jelena Jovičić

    Journalist. Assistant editor on, journalist-contributor on

  • ella_dvornik Ella Dvornik

    Ella Dvornik has started her blog seven years ago writing about her everyday adventures while traveling the world and sharing it with her 300 000 followers.

  • aleksandar_nakov Aleksandar Nakov

    Has been working for Color Media, the largest magazine publisher in FYR Macedonia, for over ten years. Initially the editor of Svet and now the company's marketing executive and head of production. He is also responsible for the magazines' social network profiles. Has a Master's degree in public relations.

  • svetlana_horvat Svetlana Horvat

    Svetlana Horvat is the member of the Presidency Board of European Fashion Council, President of the National Fashion Chamber of Serbia and President of Serbia Fashion Week .

  • ruzica_rupic Ružica Rupić

    Vlogger, singer and participant of the 2nd season of Pinkove zvezdice. She's about to wrap her first song and video; and she otherwise shares her life on YouTube and gives advice to her fans.

  • snezana_dakic Snežana Dakić

    Acclaimed TV host with many awards to her name. Worked on radio Studio B and Politika and Pink televisions. Hosted and edited "U trendu" for 20 years. Currently the editor of Ženska TV, the first lifestyle TV channel.

  • vera_nikolic Vera Nikolić

    Head editor of the niche websites run by Adria Media Group. She has been working as a journalist for more than two decades, and for the past eight years she has been beginning anew every day, discovering the secrets of digital and print media as she goes along.

  • veselin_jevrosimovic_2 Veselin Jevrosimović

    Had had a presence on the local IT market since its very beginnings. Started small and now owns a multinational company with a large number of employees. Despite all this, he is very spontaneous and ready to talk to everybody.

  • roni_kordis Roni Kordiš

    Has been writing his blog since 2005. In love with all things digital. Columnist, startup co-founder, consultant and, for the last six months, a part of VBG studio (the third agency in Slovenia, with only 2 employees).

  • lidija_culibrk Lidija Ćulibrk

    Head editor and creator of Lepota&Zdravlje - the first lifestyle magazine in Serbia. 15 years of leading six different teams responsible for this highly successful regional publication, which also boasts digital editions in most of the countries; as well as the extensions of the brand in form of events and conferences, the most famous of which is ProFemina. Psychologist and yoga instructor by trade.

  • manuela_sola Manuela Šola

    Owner, CEO, traveller and fashion lover. Runs a PR agency, which requires following the news in business and everyday events. Follows fashion and beauty out of pure pleasure, enjoys travel and recently discovered surfing on Portuguese waves, which she cannot wait to repeat.

  • anastasija_djuric Anastasija Đurić

    A prolific fashion blogger. Besides fashion and outfits, this blog also includes travel, events and shopping reports, beauty and lifestyle posts.

  • ivana_djordjevic Ivana Đorđević

    Has been working in media for over 15 years. Longtime editor of "Grand revija", editor of the Grand narodna televizija portal. Lepa Brena's PR for the past nine years and counting. Host of the "Grand Magazine" TV show.

  • spomenka_maric Spomenka Marić

    Journalist, editor of the local Cosmopolitan website, catering to young, urban and stylish women.

  • irina_ivic Irina Ivić

    Journalist and TV host experienced with video-journalism, research, editing and production. Currently working as the host of Jutarnji program and Kulturni dnevnik, as well as the video-journalist and producer of the series Srbija za poneti, all on Radio Television of Serbia.

  • aleksandar_kostic Aleksandar Kostić

    Studied at the Royal Holloway University u Londonu and returned to Belgrade a year and a half ago. By watching his little sister, spotted that instagram had flaws. The siblings gathered a team of developers and started developing Drobio. Cars and basketball lover.

  • aleksandar_lestaric Aleksandar Leštarić

    Founder of the technology-oriented YouTube channel Srpski tutorijali , currently at 250.000 subscribers. Among the most influential people on Balkans' YouTube scene. One of the founders of the Balkan Tube Fest.

  • aleksandra_gavrilovic Aleksandra Gavrilović

    Journalist with equal experience in both printed and web media. Currently the head editor of the Lepota i zdravlje portal and, in her free time most likely to be found photographing her city on Instagram. Loves photographing other cities, whenever she gets the chance. P.S. Maribor, she is delighted about you!

  • nemanja_djuric Nemanja Đurić

    Part of Coca-Cola team for central and southern Europe, responsible for social media and influence strategies. Master of philosophy and communicology. Loves volleyball, parties and Snapchat.

  • martina_pozgaj Martina Pozgaj

    Studied journalism at the Faculty of political sciences. Nowadays, she is one of the most successful editors in Croatia. Combines digital tools and social networks to the point of perfection.

  • mitko_cabevski Mitko Cabevski

    Mitko Cabevski is a talented Product Marketing Executive and serial entrepreneur with a proven record of accomplishment in planning and leading comprehensive product management & marketing strategies.

  • vera_vuksanovic Vera Vuksanović

    Communicologist and artist. Expresses herself through light, sentences and analog photographs. Urban and direct. She branded Belgrade with neon lights and light boxes. On Blogomanija, she is to host her own, extremely photogenic exhibition.

  • branislava_antovic Branislava Antović

    Journalist and author of one of the best lifestyle blogs in the region. She managed to turn her hobby into a full-time job and her blog into the kind of a publisher she always wanted to work for.

  • vesna_jugovic_da_vinca Vesna Jugović de Vinča

    Writer, journalist, author and event producer. Conducted over 40 exclusive interviews, TV portraits with outspoken and revolutionary personalities all around the world: Nelson Mandela, Simon Wiesenthal, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Arthur C. Clarke, Yasser Arafat, Paco Rabanne, Gina Lollobrigida...

  • dusko_vukajlovic Duško Vukajlović

    Head editor of the Alo! newspaper, founder of the portal. Has been in journalism for precisely two decades, ever since the time articles were typed on typewriters and instead of spending five minutes on Google search, one had to spend days digging through the dust-covered archives.

  • ana_dodig Ana Dodig

    Zemun-born textile and clothing designer. Navigating (the) digital waters since 2009, when she started her blog, Kafenisanje i ostalo. After this, she worked for and ultimately found employment at the Adria Media Group. Has been contributing content to since 2013, first as journalist, then as editor.

  • ivana_radovanovic Ivana Radovanović

    Former face of the popular family game show "Čik pogodi" which used to air for three years on B92, Ivana decided to channel her energy to creating the first video tutorial-dedicated women's portal. soon became the most visited independent website for women in Serbia.

  • dusan_srbljak Dušan Srbljak

    Owner and head editor of the PCAXE internet portal and YouTube channel. PCAXE - Power Computing Advanced eXtreme Enthusiast. One of the founders of the Balkan Tube Fest.

  • jovana_miljanovic Jovana Miljanović

    Global nomad, has worked in four different countries over the course of last three years. Works in marketing, owns a travel blog and writes for Cosmopolitan magazine. An expert in finding free trips.

  • jacky_zhao Jacky Zhao

    Has been on the Huawei team for eight years. Has lead Huawei Device on New Zealand, and now he's dedicated to the very same task as the head of Huawei Device for Adriatic region. Together with his team, he's on a mission to make the newest technologies available to users in the region.

  • uros_nedeljkovic Uroš Nedeljković

    Also known as Bjuti Dingospo. Born and living in Belgrade, and once he's dead, he won't be alive. Has spent his whole life on the internet, and nowadays, as a lawyer, he is working on its legal aspects. Likes antiques, meat and Japanese cars. Has no moustache.

  • nemanja_maras Nemanja Maraš

    Master of applied arts, member of ULUPUDS and professor at the Institute for Artistic Dance. Has been working in the field of fashion photography and conceptual art since 2007.

  • jelena_pavicevic Jelena Pavićević

    Founder and executive director of Benefit Communications, a consulting company from Podgorica, Montenegro. Currently focused on strategical communication and image consulting. In the Association of Montenegrin Managers, she is one of the founders, board members and the vice president in charge of women leadership.

  • igor_jagic Igor Jagić

    Has been actively modelling for eight years. Cooperated with the biggest brands and names of the regional fashion scene. In 2014, he was one of three people who founded the Swiss clothing line "Sister Code by SBC". Works as a PR manager for clubs and events in Belgrade.

  • igor_nochka Igor Nochka

    Merchants Sales&Solutions, CISSEE. Igor has 12-year experience in card acceptance development in CIS&SEE. In Visa, he is Managing relation with the biggest Merchants, Regulators and Financial Institutions to open up merchant acceptance of Visa cards in key industry segments.

  • Ivona_Kysselef Ivona Kysselef

    Ivona Kysselef, Deichmann marketing expert for Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina. Fashion lover. She is surrounded with creative, colours and women things so she writes about that on her blog.

  • aleksandar_djikic Aleksandar Đikić

    AOne of the most famous make-up artists in the region. Oficial make-up artist of the Maybelline brand. With only a couple of strokes of a brush, he is capable of creating magic. Shares his experience and passion for make-up with young people attending his school.

  • nejc_simsic Nejc Simšič

    TV host, editor and journalist of lifestyle magazines. The first name of the Slovenian social scene. He met, interviewed and shone with numerous global stars - from Adriana Lima and Katy Perry to Ben Affleck and Conchita Wurst.

  • kristina_ercegovic Kristina Ercegović

    Businesswoman from Zagreb, who has already sold two out of three companies she started. Author of the regional bestseller Sam svoj gazda and creator of the most popular business hangout, Business Café. Has been writing her motivational blog for aspiring business people for years.

  • djurdja_stanisic Đurđa Stanišić

    Journalist. Theme editor for the Lepota i zdravlje magazine. Until recently, web editor-in-chief and content manager for regional L&Z websites in BiH and CRO, as well as web editor-in-chief for the Croatian edition of Grazia. Nature lover. Creative.

  • milan_vucicevic Milan Vučićević

    Social media wizard & master of communication. Digital PR & marketing. Writer, blogger, columnist. Founder of two popular Belgrade party brands. Ex basketball player.

  • marko_obradovic_edge Marko Obradović Edge

    Fotograf, studirao projektovanje nameštaja i enterijera na Fakultetu primenjenih umetnosti. obožavalac Star Warsa i dobrih žurki.

  • dino_tutundžić Dino Tutundžić

    Just an ordinary boy next door, a random passerby from the internet, founder of Mudrolije.

  • hana_hadziavdagic Hana Hadžiavdagić Tabaković

    The most popular #Insta girl in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Journalist and television presenter by trade. On social networks, other than her outfits, she also shares interesting personal experiences.

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