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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Implications for the Future of Work and Ethics

As artificial intelligence rapidly develops, it raises questions about the future of work, processes, and ethics. We see AI in movies and literature, but its presence in our daily lives is becoming increasingly palpable. What impact will it have, and what will it replace or change? 

At the Adria Summit, renowned experts in the field tackled these questions head-on during eight panel discussions. From the influence of AI on our lives to the future of cryptocurrencies, fintech, and Web 3.0, the summit explored all the crucial topics within the digital ecosystem. The discussions shed light on the power of AI and how it can help us streamline tasks and increase efficiency. But the most crucial takeaway was that we must embrace AI and its potential and be prepared to learn and adapt. Join us as we explore the future of AI and its impact on our lives. The question that comes to mind for all of us when AI is mentioned is: Will I lose my job?

„No. Unless you’re not willing to learn. Artificial intelligence can help you shorten the time for tasks that currently take up a lot of your time, but only if you’re willing to develop,“ says Ivanka Novaković, Chief HR Officer at Delta Holding.

„Just search on the internet how many people lost their jobs the moment horses were replaced by cars, how many thousands of jobs disappeared, and how many millions of jobs were created. So, yes, people will lose their jobs because of artificial intelligence, but 30 times more jobs will be created precisely because of artificial intelligence,“ concluded Dejan Cvetković, CTO of Microsoft Development Center in Serbia. „I don’t want you to be relaxed. I want you to understand the power of artificial intelligence and embrace it, because we all see its results, especially in the last few months,“ he added.

„Now we’re at a stage where we’re learning to communicate with machines, and they’re communicating with us. Until yesterday, if you wanted a machine to do something for you, you had to type code in a programming language, while today anyone can have interaction with a machine…“ emphasizes Milan Gospić, Director of Microsoft in Serbia.

„Be prepared to learn and get as much relevant data about artificial intelligence as possible, because it really is the topic of the future,“ concludes Gospić at the end.


Adria Summit, held from May 3rd to May 7th, brought together almost 400 business tech enthusiasts from around 10 different countries. This year’s conference featured a series of eight panel discussions, exploring topics such as the influence of artificial intelligence on our daily lives, the maturity of cryptocurrencies, and the rise of fintech and Web 3. Renowned experts in the field shared their insights, giving us a glimpse into what the future of the internet and e-commerce might look like. From cutting-edge innovations to the latest trends in the digital ecosystem, Adria Summit covered it all!

So, Are you afraid of change or do you eagerly anticipate it?


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