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What networks do you use and how many users do you have?
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube. I say that I use Facebook badly, but I still have a profile in order to stay in touch with friends  from  school. I think Facebook is used by older generations, Instagram is medium and Snapchat is the youngest. I remember getting to know about Facebook when it just showed up, and how many nonsensical status I’ve been posting daily, but now I share my thoughts exclusively through my Youtube channel “TeodoraBjelicaVideos” while I use Instagram for business purposes, and I’m putting pictures of fashion shootings  there.
Favorite posts?
Personally, my favorite posts are with long captions, where influencer shares his story next to a photo that is often not a realistic view of someone’s life.
How did you start using the net?
In high school, Facebook, because it just became a part of everyday life. My generation, unlike my mother’s generation, did not feel so much impact on the social networks as a revolution, because they appeared in our teenage years, and we grew up with mobile phones and computers, to the heavily obsolete technology, but when I was the second grade Primary school, I already had Nokia 3310.
What is the influence for you?
Influence-Impact, for me means the flow of positive energy. In addition to the fact that influencers can teach us  a lot of what is practical and useful, they are here to give the right example, and help us deal with problems that we thought we are alone in. They are here to cheer us up and motivate us.
Relationship with the followers?
My relationship with followers is the reason I opened the YouTube channel. I wanted to give them more and to connect with a lot of people. I’m trying to always reply to comments, and I’m open for their suggestions on topics for my new video. For now, I did not have any negative experience, but I am not afraid of it because the number of people who are full of encouragement is bigger.
Who are your favorite characters on the networks, in your segment, and who in the first place?
Favorite YouTuber – Dunja Jovanic / Imfashionbabe because of her spontaneity, positive energy and personality, and my favorite influencer on Instagram is Imre Cecen. I love her long captions and I read them with joy.
Teodora and media, love and / or hate?
Since I am a child of celebrity  parents, I have always been on the radar of the public, while I grew up with more negative sides here, but since I also chose to engage in public work, I realized that there are more positive ones. It will always be love for the media.
How are you dealing with popularity?
As long as I can throw out trash or shop in Maxi without anyone recognizing me, everything is okay.
How did your life changed after the fame on social media in compariosn to before social media fame ?
I had a wonderful childhood without social networks and I appreciate that much. They were in my life at the right time (the teenage age), when my mom already taught me what is good and what is dangerous. I am sincerely afraid for future generations who at the age of 2 already know how to use mobile phones and Ipad. I think that the most beautiful childhood is playing in the sand and on the grass, and occasionally watching cartoons and the Disney fairy tales.
Message to young people
Social networks are a wonderful thing when used in the right way. They provide an enormous opportunity for self-promotion and the creating a brand from yourself . Knowledge is much more accessible through them, and the realization of new acquaintances, but with this comes a great responsibility. Anyone who calls themselves an influencer should pay attention to what kind of message he sends. Will his videos help someone, brighten up a  day, teach him something useful? If your answer is affirmative to these questions, then go to these waters and share your message with the world. Under this blue sky, there’s room for all of us, and maybe your message will change someone’s life for the better.


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