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Shift, one of Europe’s most popular developer conferences, is coming to the USA

Shift, the largest developer conference in Southeastern Europe, is coming to the U.S. for the first time ever! On May 23, Shift comes to Miami, gathering the developer community at the tech event that combines learning, networking, and fun.

Shift Miami will feature 15 speakers, esteemed names from the top of the developer industry. The keynote speaker is John Romero, a developer in charge of Doom, Wolfenstein, and hundreds of other games which earned him the nickname “The Father of First Person Shooters“. A full list of speakers can be found here.

Besides learning with speakers at their talks, Shift will also provide attendees with a chance to advance their careers in its EXPO area, after partywork in the lounge areas or at the afterparty. The beautiful city of Miami will be the ideal backdrop for the event that is a must-attend for tech professionals in SE Europe and now aims to expand across the Atlantic.

And you can join it for free! Use the code adriasummitxshift and claim your free tickets. Code applicable to ten tickets only, so hurry up!

See you in Miami!


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