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The Second Adria Summit started with a minute of silence

This year’s Adria Summit, held in Umag and Portorož, was officially opened today. At the opening ceremony, Boris Vujičić, one of the organizers, asked attendees to stand and observe a minute of silence to honor those killed in Belgrade.

„Before we begin, I would like us to take a moment to reflect on the tragic events that occurred in Belgrade. To pay tribute to the victims, I would ask that we begin the conference with a minute of silence,“ Vujičić said at the beginning.

„We, as business leaders, are creating a new reality for new generations, children who are on the other side of the screen. So, in a way, we are participating in shaping their future. Let us keep that in mind and promote the right values,“ he emphasized.

„Just 30 years ago, the economies we’re discussing today did not exist. Now, the internet business, digital business, is worth $6.5 trillion. Economies that were not present in our lives before are now truly happening. Exchange of intangible goods makes up 70% of transactions happening on the internet today. And those are the topics we will be discussing here. Adria Summit is a platform connecting regional leaders who will share their advice, experiences, and opinions on the future and what we as leaders can create a better and safer future for new generations and our children,“ said Dejan Tešić at the opening.

More than 400 participants from 10 countries gathered in one place in Istria, at the Kempinski hotel, where they will discuss the future of digital commerce for 2 days. In addition to the organizers, Boris Vujičić, Dejan Tešić, and Zoran Torbica, Tomislav Radoš, Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and Milovan Popović, Director of the Tourist Board of Umag, also addressed the attendees at the opening ceremony.

„The Croatian Chamber of Commerce has a clear role – to lead Croatian companies through changes, which means that it is necessary to start with changes in ourselves first. One of the most important aspects of digital transformation is changing the organizational culture. I am talking about a culture that includes constantly questioning the status quo, experimenting. Even accepting failure as a necessary part of the learning, growth, and development process,“ said Tomislav Radoš at the opening.

Milan Popović welcomed participants to Istria and turned to hedonism: „I am glad to see so many of you here, I hope you will enjoy Istria, the best wines, olive oils, and fish over these few days.“

People are key to digital transformation

Mario Henjak, President of the Supervisory Board of Gorenjska Bank, opened the conference’s lecture section with his lecture – Seven Steps to Digital Transformation. He spoke about the digital transformation process and shared advice and tools that can help people navigate this complex process.

„Digital transformation is our reality. In all of our institutions and in our lives, we have to change. Even if we don’t want to, our competition and customers demand it of us. In Gorenjska Bank, we transformed the entire organization, and we had to apply these steps on that journey,“ Henjak began his lecture.

„As Einstein said – it’s foolish to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. We need to look at things differently, we need to be creative, innovative, and agile,“ Henjak concluded.

The Adria Summit raises numerous questions through eight panel discussions, ranging from the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives, to whether cryptocurrencies have overcome their childhood illnesses, and all the way to fintech. It takes place in the Istrian town of Savudrija until May 7th. Prominent experts from the region and beyond are discussing the future of the Internet and e-commerce, covering all key topics of the digital ecosystem.


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