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The Director of EBRD and experts from California are coming to the Adria Summit 2024

As leaders in e-commerce, experts, and innovators from across the region and Europe eagerly anticipate this year’s Adria Summit, organizers are already hard at work on the conference program. This year, in addition to the digital commerce conference, it will also become a business conference. Experts in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship will gather from May 8th to May 12th at the Kempinski Adriatic in Umag, Croatia, and Kempinski Palace in Portorož, Slovenia, to chart the future course of e-commerce in the Adriatic region and beyond.

Two days of inspiring discussions and interactive panels with over 70 speakers from Europe and the region promise a deep analysis of the impact of the IT industry crisis in the US on the regional market, as well as answers to questions: should we fear artificial intelligence and how can we learn to use it in all areas of business? What future awaits e-commerce? What has changed in innovation financing? Why is ESG important for business in the 21st century?

Among the speakers this year are:

Matteo Colangeli, Regional Director for the Western Balkans at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), leads the economic and innovative evolution in the region. With a successful career in investment banking, consulting, and strategic leadership, Matteo brings rich experience to his role. Using record EBRD investments, Matteo aims to foster innovation and growth in the Adriatic e-commerce ecosystem. He will open this year’s conference alongside Stefan Lazarević, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham).

The presence of Stefan Lazarević, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham) at the 2024 Adria Summit promises to provide concrete advice for businesses striving for success in the digital age and to open new perspectives for cooperation across the Atlantic.

Directly from Palo Alto, California, the birthplace of the world’s largest technology companies, we welcome Nenad Milanović as one of the speakers at Adria Summit. Nenad is a programmer and entrepreneur who grew up in Serbia and founded the first Serbian Unicorn company. Unicorn companies reach a valuation of a billion dollars without being listed on the stock exchange and are the dream of every startup project. Nenad is the owner of cake.com, which stands behind globally known digital tools that facilitate everyday work such as Clockify, the world leader in time-tracking tools, Pumble, which aids in team communication, and Plaky, which helps users plan and manage projects.

Esteemed Google-certified trainer and a major star in digital marketing in the region, Miroslav Varga, brings a unique perspective to the Adria Summit stage. With his presentation titled „We are Neanderthals, flying jet-planes,“ Miroslav explores the rapid technological evolution reshaping our world. By combining humor and concrete examples from real life, Miroslav delves into the profound impact of technology on human behavior and business dynamics. Participants can expect invaluable insights into leveraging technological advances for innovation and adaptation in the digital age. Miroslav’s session is sure to inspire participants to embrace the opportunities brought by technological evolution.

As a renowned lecturer, writer, and creative strategist, Lazar Džamić is an authority on brand innovation and consumer engagement. In his presentation titled „Brand shift vibes,“ Lazar will reveal how in today’s digital age, the brand-building process is shifting from traditional storytelling to active engagement and living the story, while also addressing the application of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) as a crucial tool for creating immersive experiences. Lazar’s lecture will prompt participants to reconsider their approach to brand building and embrace new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Vladimir Đukanović brings rich experience in finance and investments to his presentation at the 2024 Adria Summit. As an experienced investment expert and author, Vladimir’s session titled „What is an investment?“ aims to demystify the world of finance for participants. Drawing on his extensive experience in portfolio trading and private investments, Vladimir will provide useful advice for navigating the complexities of financial markets. Participants can expect a deeper understanding of healthy investment strategies and the discovery of key elements for sustainable growth and prosperity in the Balkans and beyond. Vladimir has also announced the promotion of his new book.

Focusing on the specifics of startups in San Francisco, Vera Kenehan, Executive Director from Silicon Valley, will share advice for overcoming initial challenges and building successful teams. With over 20 years of experience in various industries, including telecommunications, media, SaaS, and venture capital, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a new perspective. Vera holds a master’s degree in leadership and management from Stanford and is actively mentoring future entrepreneurs. Her presentation will provide participants with firsthand insight into the world of startups.

And many others…

As the start of the 2024 Adria Summit approaches, participants can certainly expect great presentations from top experts and business leaders. From shaping the future of the economy and e-commerce to exploring technological evolution and brand innovation, each presentation will offer valuable advice and concrete strategies for tackling the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

Check out the entire conference program on the adriasummit.com website where you can also register to participate in the Adria Summit. See you in Istria.



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